What is an Inverter Heat Pump?

Installing a heat pump is a wonderful choice for homeowners who are looking for environmentally friendly options to heat and cool their homes. Heat pumps do not use gas fossil fuels and are renewable sources of energy production which make pumps very attractive to eco-conscious homeowners. However, there is a lot to know about the different heat pumps available, including knowing the difference between an inverter or fixed output installation of your pump.

Your HVAC company should be able to find a variety of heat pump brands at different price points to make choosing the right one for your home and budget easy. The installers should also be able to explain to you what an inverter is and how they are different from fixed output, but we can give you an overview now!

Differences between Inverter and Fixed Output Heat Pumps

Inverter and fixed output heat pumps deliver heat to your home in different ways. Fixed output systems need to be turned on and off manually. These systems work at 100% capacity when they are on. Once the thermostat senses the desired temperature has been met, the system will cycle on and off to maintain the temperature.

Variable speed compressors are used in inverter heat pump to increase or decrease speed to meet heating demands and maintain the temperature. Inverters are great for use in climates where the weather is variable throughout the day since heat pumps pulls in outdoor air to warm and heat the home.

Inverter heat pumps are much more energy efficient than fixed output; however, both are renewable and a better alternative to gas powered furnaces if you want an eco-friendly heating and cooling system that is also 300% more efficient than fossil fuel driven system.

Inverters also last longer than fixed output systems because of the continuous cycling of being powered on and running at full capacity. This causes a lot of stress on the fixed output system. You will also need to install a buffer tanks that has preheated water inside of it ready to be circulated to limit the on-off cycling that happens with fixed-output heat pumps. These buffer tanks take up more space than inverter systems.

Best Inverter Heat Pumps

One of the best brands for inverter heat pumps is the Bosch system. The inverter ducted split system is the leading heat pump system for efficiency. This system is also incredibly quiet, features a fully modulating drive, and comes with a Bosch 10-year warranty for residential use. The Bosch inverter system has been known to properly self-adjust, and keep temperatures warm inside, when the outside air is as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are looking for a ductless inverter heat pump, check out the Fujitsu General Halycon Ductless Mini-Split System. This system is also known for being near silent and energy efficient. You can also achieve room-by-room temperature control with this system.

If you have more questions about inverter systems or which heat pump is right for your home, make sure you call a professional HVAC company to discuss your options.

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