24-Hour Emergency Plumber Services

Emergency Plumber: Fresno, Clovis, Oakhurst, Visalia and the surrounding areas.

Emergency Plumber

For immediate help please call: 559-234-4131

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24/7 Emergency Plumbers - Fast, Reliable Service in Fresno and Surrounding Areas.

Facing a plumbing emergency? Our expert team at Balanced Comfort is here to provide rapid, reliable solutions, 24 hours a day.

Several plumbing problems can arise. We have an emergency plumber ready to tackle your problems when they occur. Some common plumbing emergencies are:

  • Water Leak - An unchecked water leak can develop water damage in the surrounding area leading to a much bigger issue.
  • Broken and Burst Pipes - If you have a burst pipe you'll need to shut off the water to prevent further water damage.
  • Backflow Prevention - backflow can contaminate clean water with unwanted particulates.
  • Boiler Repair - heating your home is essential to maintaining the safety and comfort of your home.
  • Camera and Sewer Inspection - a broken or damaged sewer line can cause damage to the whole home. Addressing the situation immediately will reduce the potential damage.
  • Drain Cleaning - Keeping your drains clean and unclogged is essential to prevent overflows and water damage.
  • Clogged Drains - If a drain is clogged, it should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent contamination and water damage.
  • Gas Systems - If you smell gas or think you have a gas leak, call immediately and open some windows to air out any leaking gas.
  • Grease Traps - grease can build up past the trap and begin to affect your plumbing.
  • Plumbing Appliances - a broken faucet or fixture can lead to a leak and then to water damage if left unchecked.
  • Toilet Repair - A faulty or broken toilet component can lead to unwanted contamination and water damage.
  • Water Heater Repair - even if your water heater is producing hot water, there may be something that needs repair to function properly.

If you are unsure what service you need or want immediate assistance please call us at 559-234-4131 

certified plumber inspecting tanked hot water heater valves

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