Is Your Home Properly Insulated?

Properly Insulated?

Properly insulating your home has many benefits. A well-insulated home will be able to regulate its temperature consistently and efficiently. This post will inform you if you need a home insulation upgrade.

Here are a few signs you may need proper insulation. If your energy bills are high, or suddenly spike, this may be due to a problem in the insulation. Poor insulation will lead to an imbalance in the temperature of your room. Chilly drafts running through the house can also signal bad insulation. In general, a well-insulated house should not have any cold walls or floors, so if you find that either of these is noticeably cool to the touch, this could signal poor insulation as well. Finally, in cold climates, if you find ice dams on the roof or frozen pipes in the walls, this is yet another sign that your insulation is faulty.

The next course?

If any of the above signs have you concerned that your home is not properly insulated, you may want to call in a professional and consider insulating or re-insulating the house. Also, note that insulating the attic will greatly help with the home’s insulation. Investing in attic insulation in conjunction with house insulation can save you big on energy bills.

If you want to hold off on these major insulation projects, you can follow a few DIY steps to improve the insulation in your house. Patch window cracks with sealer, and apply strips of sealant between the doors and the floor. Also, consider bulking up on your windows. You may either install heavy curtains over the windows to help with the insulation, or you may invest in a double glazed window.

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