Gas Furnace Recalls the Need to Get Immediate Help


If you’ve been living in Fresno, CA for the past two years, there is a good chance you’ve had a newly installed system by Goodman Manufacturing or Private Labeled system which may call for a gas furnace recall. And that means you will need to seek out qualified technicians who can help you determine whether or not your system is affected.

Official Position of Consumer Product Safety Commission

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the main problem lies with the drain pans. And that’s because the drain pains were installed with condensing furnace gas in the wrong configuration. Furthermore, these condensing residential gas furnaces with up-flow configurations can melt, deform, and overheat.



Uncased and Cased Installed Gas Furnaces

Remember that the evaporator coil that sits on top of the vertical gas furnace can be uncased or cased. Usually, you can see the serial number of the evaporator coil on uncased and as well as cased parts. When it comes to the cased evaporator coil drain, the serial number is visible on the coil case. Conversely, when it comes to uncased units, the serial number is visible on the front of the drain coil.

Why Is It Important to Identify the Model Number of the Gas Furnace?

Identifying the model number and brand of an installed gas furnace to get the “right” repair kit. Typically, you can find the model number of the installed gas furnace on the attached label of the outdoor condenser. This is important when a gas furnace recall or replacement is needed.

What Should be YOUR Approach

HVAC specialists at Balanced Comfort can address the recall issue and assist on their specific units. Whether it’s a serial number, model number and brand name of the furnace or model number of the system, HVAC experts can help you collect the basic information.

How Balanced Comfort Can Help

When it comes to HVAC issues, you can count on the experienced, qualified, and skilled technicians of Balanced Comfort. As a result, Our technicians can help you identify if the gas furnace recall has had an impact on your system. Balanced Comfort can help you identify and address the issue in no time.