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Balanced Comfort is your leading provider of Oakhurst Air Conditioning & Plumbing services. We help our local community keep comfortable at home with our heating, cooling, and plumbing services. As experienced professionals, you can trust us to handle any HVAC or plumbing job. From installing new heaters to repairing old plumbing fixtures, we have you covered in all aspects of home services. So if you're tired of relying on separate contractors for your different needs, look no further; Balanced Comfort is here to help. Call 559-206-2999 today to schedule an HVAC or plumbing service!

Oakhurst Air Conditioning & Furnace Services

HVAC systems, including furnaces and air conditioners, help us stay comfortable throughout the year. But you'll need reliable Oakhurst HVAC services to keep your heating and cooling systems in top condition. Fortunately, our HVAC technicians at Balanced Comfort offer repair, replacement, and maintenance services:

  • HVAC System Repairs: If your heating or cooling malfunctions, our team can troubleshoot the problem and perform repairs that fix your HVAC system. We also provide emergency repair services for unexpected breakdowns and situations where you need your heating or cooling again ASAP.
  • HVAC Replacement & Installation: Our expert technicians have you covered when installing a new HVAC system. We offer various HVAC system models, including air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps. In addition, our professionals ensure appropriate sizing, placement, and efficiency ratings, optimizing your HVAC system's performance and longevity.
  • HVAC System Maintenance: Routine maintenance ensures your HVAC system lasts longer and performs well. Balanced Comfort provides a 2-for-1 HVAC maintenance plan for your heater and AC. Our experts conduct detailed inspections, clean parts, check for potential problems, and optimize system performance. Through regular maintenance, we can locate and address early issues before they become costly repairs or system breakdowns.

You can always rely on our friendly team at Balanced Comfort for the above HVAC services. We'll work closely with you to offer the right solutions to your HVAC system needs. From replacement and repairs to regular maintenance, we have the skills to keep your heating and cooling running efficiently. So call us soon to set up an HVAC appointment and see how Balanced Comfort can help.

Oakhurst AC Services

Are you struggling to keep cool in our hot weather? Oakhurst AC services can help. We offer the following services to ensure your air conditioning runs smoothly:

  • Air conditioner repair
  • AC installation & replacement
  • Air conditioning maintenance

With years of experience in AC replacement and installation, we'll ensure you own a dependable and efficient air conditioner that meets your needs. Our HVAC technicians use industry-approved methods and tools to install your AC correctly.

We also offer air conditioner repair and maintenance to maintain your AC. Our team can diagnose and fix any air conditioning issue, from refrigerant leaks to weak airflow. By calling us for timely repair and maintenance services, you can extend the life of your AC and prevent inconvenient breakdowns.

We recommend new, energy-efficient models for optimal comfort when upgrading an existing air conditioner. Our AC experts will assess your old system and energy needs, ensuring you receive the most suitable replacement air conditioner. For example, the Bosch Inverter Ducted Split offers self-adjusting temperature control when heating and cooling your home. We provide this product and more so that you can choose the perfect air conditioner this summer.

Oakhurst Heating Services

When it gets chilly in Oakhurst, you'll need a reliable heater to stay warm and toasty. Our professionals offer comprehensive Oakhurst heating services to help you during the colder months:

  • Heater installation
  • Heating system repair
  • Heater maintenance

Our skilled technicians perform the above services using the highest quality equipment and materials. We understand that heating systems like furnaces and heat pumps can be complex and potentially hazardous when malfunctioning, so we always prioritize safe and thorough repairs. Our professionals also carry and install the latest heating systems when upgrading your old heater.

Determining the right time for heating services can be trick, so watch for these signs you may have a malfunctioning system:

  • Insufficient heating
  • Strange noises coming from the system
  • Frequent on-off cycling
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • High energy bills without a change in usage
  • Unresponsive or inaccurate thermostat
  • Yellow or flickering pilot light
  • Aging heating system nearing its lifespan

Recognizing the above signs lets you know when to call for a heating repair or replacement service. At Balanced Comfort, we're always available to inspect your heater and get it running smoothly again.

Oakhurst Plumbing Services

Plumbing systems require various services to function safely and correctly, such as routine maintenance. A malfunctioning plumbing system can be highly disruptive, but you can count on our Oakhurst plumbing services to resolve the situation. Our talented plumbers handle the following plumbing jobs for your needs:

  • • Repair
  • • Installation
  • • Maintenance
  • • Faucets & Leaks
  • • Sinks
  • • Toilets
  • • Showers
  • • Sewer Lines
  • • Camera Inspections
  • • Drain Cleaning
  • • Hydro-jetting
  • • Water Heaters
  • • Dishwashers
  • • Garbage Disposals

Our team offers the above plumbing repair and replacement services, ensuring we have everything you need to maintain your plumbing system. Whether renovating or moving into a new property, our plumber can install appliances that meet local codes and your home requirements. We also diagnose and repair plumbing issues quickly and effectively, so you always have reliable plumbing at home. As experienced plumbers, we aim to minimize damage and prevent future plumbing problems with our repair services.

For example, our video inspections and water leak repairs can improve your system's performance. We understand many plumbing issues go unaddressed because they are challenging to detect. For example, leaks, clogs, and other problems with your pipes can impact efficiency and cause numerous issues. But we locate and fix these problems with our camera inspection and repair services, ensuring your plumbing system is issue-free.

Other services we offer include traditional and tankless water heater installation. Hot water is vital to any property, so we provide various water heater models for your convenience. First, you can select the perfect hot water system, from high-efficiency water heaters to traditional tank units. Then, we'll repair and maintain your water heater with our ongoing maintenance plans, ensuring you always have a reliable hot water supply.

Oakhurst Drain Services

Out of the various plumbing issues, many people experience clogged drains and sewer problems on their property. But despite occurring in many homes, drainage issues are still highly inconvenient and pose health risks. At Balanced Comfort, our Oakhurst drain services help keep your drains and sewer clean.

Our plumbers offer drain and sewer cleaning services to remove tough clogs and blockages in your system. We eliminate clogs in various pipes and plumbing fixtures using powerful drain-cleaning equipment. In addition, we prioritize safe and environmentally-friendly techniques to protect your pipes while restoring water flow, such as hydro-jetting methods.

In addition to cleaning your drains, we can repair and replace them if necessary. Sometimes, recurring or frequent drainage problems are due to the pipe themselves in your system. In these cases, we perform a thorough inspection to locate the issue and replace your drain line. You can trust our licensed plumbers to fix your pipe quickly and efficiently, restoring proper drainage to your home. So when pipe clogs and blockages cause your plumbing system to act up, don't hesitate to call us at Balanced Comfort for help.

Oakhurst Water Damage Restoration Services

Water damage is one of the most costly issues that can occur to a home, happening unexpectedly and worsening quickly. At Balanced Comfort, our experts offer Oakhurst water damage restoration to repair the damage and return your property to normal. Contact us soon if you notice these signs of water damage:

  • • Water-stained walls, ceilings, or floors
  • • A musty or moldy odor
  • • Peeling and bubbling paint or wallpaper
  • • Warped and sagging walls
  • • Damp flooring
  • • Mold growth
  • • Unpleasant smells
  • • Dripping or pooling water
  • • Unexpectedly high water bills
  • • A decrease in water pressure

The above problems often occur due to a source of water damage somewhere on your property. Some are obvious, such as the damage from a natural disaster like flooding, but others may be hidden and unnoticed. But at Balanced Comfort, we use advanced leak detection equipment to locate any traces of moisture, ensuring we identify all the water damage on your property. Then, we developed a customized plan to address your specific water damage.

Our professionals will extract and dry the excess water on your property, taking care to remove moisture that can lead to mold growth. We use industrial-strength pumps and drying equipment to clean up water damage in affected rooms and areas. Through our care process and strategic techniques, you can trust us to mitigate water damage and ensure a healthy living environment again.

Issues like mold and mildew due to water damage need immediate attention. Mold growth can harm allergic individuals and make it unsafe to live indoors. Since it grows in as little as 24-48 hourto calls for water damage restoration at the earliest sign of trouble. Our expert technicians will remove mold safely and efficiently, restoring your home's comfort and health.

Finally, we complete your water damage restoration with structural repair and renovation. Our contractors have the skills to fix water-damaged items, walls, and other structures. We will ensure our restoration services meet your needs and get your property back to normal.

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