Insulation Contracting

In the Fresno and surrounding areas, Balanced Comfort provides general contracting services to improve efficient and sustainable residential homes.  We provide efficiency upgrades including: insulation removal and air sealing, insulating, window upgrades, and heating ventilating and air conditioning systems.  We can assist you with identifying your home’s needs and providing strategies to make improvements to reduce PG&E bills and improve comfort.

Start with the basics first:

  • Insulation removal and air sealing – by removing the insulation you currently have in the attic we can properly identify air leakage pathways that are causing expensive air leakage through the walls and ceilings.  Air sealing is typically completed by foaming around top plates, electrical penetrations into walls, sealing recessed can lights and other electrical boxes.  Any penetration should be addressed so insulation can properly do its job.
  • Insulating in attics and walls – Preparation is the most important work for insulation including: sealing and protecting recessed lighting, installing a barrier around any heat producing device such as an exhaust fan, flue or other potential hazard.  Once prepared the attic insulation is blown in to desired depth using either blown in fiberglass or cellulose insulation.
  • Ventilation – Once a home has been properly air sealed it is important to consider the amount of ventilation and fresh air that is being provided to the home.  Homes that are to tight will have moisture issues that could lead to serious health consequences.  By addressing the ventilation issues within the home we can provide ventilation strategies to improve your health and the indoor air quality of the home.
  • Weather stripping – sealing air leakage paths around the home

We focus on the preparation of the project before we start to assume where the problems exist.  By completing an energy assessment before any work is completed we can make sure your investing in the most beneficial efficiency upgrades..  Because of our background of diagnostic testing we can identify issues and verify that they have been solved.

While looking at insulation upgrades it is also important to consider what else is often in the attic, the duct work and HVAC system.  Those two systems are also important to improve the efficiency of the building as a whole.  By utilizing our services as both an energy assessor and a general contractor we can provide you with the complete picture of how to best reduce your homes energy consumption and improve the comfort levels throughout the entire home. Contact us today!


Our Commitment To You

We know you have options when it comes to your heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services in the Central Valley. We believe "A Balanced Home is a Happy Home", which is why, when you call Balanced Comfort, we provide high-quality solutions at an affordable rate.

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