Weatherization Energy Assistance Program by Balanced Comfort - E.O.C.

For qualified customers, Balanced Comfort is able to provide energy efficiency and weatherization upgrades to homes at little to no cost. This is made possible through the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission (Fresno EOC) and can cover services that can make your home run more safely and efficiently.

Is the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission Free?

Yes, Fresno's EOC program is provided at no cost to qualifying residents, in order to help make homes more safe, efficient, and comfortable. The skilled technicians at Balanced Comfort are trained and approved to provide weatherization, HVAC, and plumbing services to residents in our service areas. That means if you qualify, these services are performed at no cost to you.

What services are covered?

Under the Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission - Energy Savings Program, we can help upgrade parts of your home such as:

  • Attic Insulation – Proper attic insulation helps keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low
  • Caulking – Sealing cracks, gaps or joints in your home can help minimize energy leaks
  • Weatherstripping – Applying weatherstripping is an effective way to prevent energy from escaping through your doors and certain windows
  • Water-saving equipment – Certain devices such as faucet aerators, shower control valves and low-flow shower heads help reduce the amount of water you use
  • Energy-efficient lighting – Energy-efficient LED light bulbs last longer and run more efficiently than older, traditional bulbs

How do I know if I qualify for EOC?

Visit to apply to the program. Once you are accepted they will contact you to assist.

You may need to show proof of your income or participation in qualified assistance programs. Our specialists can work with you to help determine if you’re qualified for the program.

Contact us today to find out how the EOC program can help your home run more efficiently, at no cost to you.