Home HVAC Design that combines technology, expertise and customer service

When it comes to designing your heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC)‌ system for maximum comfort and efficiency, expertise matters. Balanced Comfort applies decades of experience to design an HVAC ‌system that will keep your energy bills low, and your home’s air quality healthy.

Whether you are renovating your existing home or planning a new build, we provide:

  • A whole-house approach

    As with all of our residential services, we look beyond just the size of your house and the capacity of your HVAC unit. We take into account the many factors that can affect your home’s efficiency, including insulation, windows, occupant usage, and more.

  • HVAC Load Calculation

    Our HVAC system load calculation process combines computer modeling and top industry standards to determine the exact heating needs of your home

  • Manual D Duct Design

    The design behind the ductwork in your home can make or break your home comfort, and your energy bills. Proper duct sizing reduces the strain on your heating and cooling equipment, and needs to adhere to Manual D residential building codes. Because your ductwork design is unique to the layout of your home, we will:

    • Ensure the size of your ducts are appropriate of the size of your system’s blower
    • Calibrate the friction rate of your ducts based on the velocity of air being blown and the length of your ducts, to ensure the air flow throughout your house is just right


What you get with Balanced Comfort’s HVAC Design

We consider many crucial factors when designing the right HVAC system for your home. The result is a comprehensive proposal for the necessary HVAC design, capacity and equipment needed to keep you home comfortable, and efficient.

We’ll also provide building mechanical drawings that will include equipment and ductwork layout, schedules, and specifications to guide the contractor(s) in the performance of their work. We’ll also work directly for you and/or your designated architect/engineer to get the job done right. If needed, we also perform design services for plumbing, electrical and fire protection.

Contact us today to discuss your home’s HVAC ‌Design needs.