Why are Heat Load Calculations for Restaurants Important?

In most cases, the highest cost for the maintenance of a restaurant will be in the heating and cooling. You may not have considered it, but due to their complex designs and high energy consumption, restaurants require a very delicate, custom designed HVAC system to maximize energy efficiency.

Now, in order to design the HVAC system properly, you will need to have a professional run a heat load calculation for your restaurant. Our heat load calculations for restaurants consider all of the relevant variables – concerning how and where heat is produced and lost in the building – and based on this result the proper HVAC system will be recommended. And as already mentioned, since the heating and cooling is actually the highest maintenance cost for most restaurants, obtaining your restaurant heat load calculation will save you big on energy bills.

The main challenge that must be dealt with when designing an HVAC system for any restaurant concerns the extreme fluctuations of temperature that is the hallmark of every restaurant. A heat load specialist will be able to understand these fluctuations in temperature, identify the causes of them, anticipate them, and be able to recommend an HVAC system that can properly react to these sharp alterations. This system will be able to both maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout the restaurant and save you on energy costs.

Of course in the dining area temperature regulation will need to be maintained, but this, in general, is not too difficult and the main challenge here is in regards to the high degree of customer traffic. On the other hand, maintaining the temperature in the kitchen is where the real challenge lies. Due to the stoves and ovens, kitchens will become extremely hot – and indeed this heat will fluctuate rapidly depending on which appliance is being used – and a cooling system that is able to quickly adjust the temperature in response will be required.

A system not only with a quick response time, but also one with a delicate touch will be required. You must be careful to not overcool the kitchen, as this overcooling will affect the temperature of the dining area. Obtaining a heat load calculation for the restaurant will provide the foundation for choosing the right HVAC system: one that is able to meet the specific temperature regulation challenges that every restaurant faces.

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