Fire Alarm System Design

Both you and your tenants will benefit greatly from properly designing your fire alarm system.

Fire alarm systems are made up of a range of different pieces of technology that work together to alert people – including facility occupants, firefighters, and police officers – when a possible fire has broken out inside the premises. And every second matters when it comes to fire safety! Typically, a fire alarm system will contain smoke and/or heat detectors dispersed throughout the property.

Early Detection Technology

fire alarm

Most modern fire alarm systems feature so-called "intelligent" technologies, such as maintenance alerts that inform you when an alarm has grown filthy and requires cleaning. This technology ensures that your system is constantly running at peak performance.

Reducing False Alarms

Building owners are responsible for any visit from the fire department. As a result, false alarms waste departments' time. Finally, if occupants continually hear false alarms, they may become desensitized, and no longer take the alarm seriously.

Keep your property safe, and alert emergency responders without fail! For more information on fire protection system design, contact Balanced Comfort today!

Alarm Testing

Make sure the alarm is activated and heard within the building. Why are smoke alarms important?