PG&E’s Financial Assistance Programs

Now that were getting into the summer months, utility bills will really start to soar… especially when its 109 degrees (like it was yesterday in Fresno).  PG&E offers several financial assistance programs to help customers reduce their energy bills, several of those programs are outlined below.

CARE or California Alternate Rates for Energy is a popular program for customers who meet income and the number of people living in household criteria.  If you qualify that discount is good for up to two years!
To find out if you qualify for CARE visit:

FERA or Family Electric Rate Assistance is a similar program open to families of 3 or more living in the same household.  Speak with a PG&E representative to find out which program would benefit you the most.  Contact PG&E:

Energy Savings Assistance Program

If you can qualify for either of the two programs above then you may also be eligible for the Energy Savings Assistance Program.  In some cases this program may replace your refrigerator, install insulation, install windows and/or water heater at no cost!  Customers have reported longer wait times as this is a popular program and funding is limited:

Medical Baseline Allowance

If someone in your home is on Life-Support equipment or meets other criteria you may be able to get additional quantities of the least expensive electricity.  Find out if you qualify at,

For other programs and more information visit PG&E’s website at

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