An commercial energy audit for your business could save you money

A commercial energy audit can improve efficiency and save money for your business. Shortly, Our experts will identify energy leaks and potential trouble spots, and work with you to find the most effective solutions to operate safely and efficiently.

Why business energy audits are important

Energy leaks don’t come just from leaky windows, doors, or vents. Sometimes the problem involves the structure of the building, lighting, construction materials, old building codes, or many other factors.

With a commercial energy audit, we’ll be able to tell you the status of systems that consume energy in your building. Next, we’ll walk you through the options improvements to reduce the overall cost of your business.

What you’ll get from a commercial energy audit

Our experts will produce a detailed energy consumption report and recommendations for efficiency.

The reports describe the current conditions and annual savings if executed. In addition, you’ll be able to see the potential return on investment and life cycle savings upon implementing the improvements.

Upon generating the report, our expert auditors will also walk you through:

  • Efficient upgrades and improvements that have been proven to save money
  • Installation of energy-saving measures that will lead to savings

Commercial energy audits levels

Our skilled technicians perform assessments specified by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The three levels of assessments are:

  • Level 1: Also called a walk-through audit, we will investigate how your building uses its energy, and how it doesn’t. With a quick but thorough survey of the whole building, we’ll be able to detect past and present energy consumption trends
  • Level 2: We’ll perform a building survey and energy report. The Level 2 survey involves everyone within the building: operators, managers, occupants, and owners. We will evaluate your HVAC systems, ventilation systems, airflow, and other factors in each room. We’ll also check for insulation levels, air filtration, water infiltration, code violations, and more.
  • Level 3: Detailed audit, our staff will perform thorough costing estimates. We’ll discuss different renewable power systems such as geothermal HVACs, wind generators, solar PVs and solar hot water.

What does a commercial energy assessment cost?

We provide customized estimates based on your goals for improving the efficiency of your building. Immediately following, We can negotiate on a rate per square foot or hour depending on the complexity of the assessment. After, Your utility provider may finance the cost of the audit, as well as the recommended upgrades. Finally, Contact us to get a quote for your commercial energy audit.