Why is a Furnace Tune-Up and Safety Check Up Important?

furnace filterHVAC professionals recommend having your furnace tuned-up every year. Ensuring that your furnace is maintained allows it to operate correctly and safely.

1. Preventative Maintenance

No matter their age, all furnaces benefit from regular tune-ups. HVAC technicians prevent wear and tear from occurring by performing simple services such as lubricating bearings. This eliminates friction and stress on other parts.

Preventative maintenance can also prevent major repair bills. The technician will inspect parts to make sure they’re functioning correctly. They can catch small issues before they become major problems.

2. Safety

When your furnace combusts gas, one of the by-products is carbon monoxide. This gas can cause major health issues, even death. The technician will measure combustion gas to make sure excess carbon monoxide isn’t being produced. They’ll inspect the rest of your heating system as well to ensure it’s operating safely.

Balanced Comfort of Fresno, CA, offers families regular furnace tune-ups. We’ll make sure that your heating system is running smoothly and safely.

3. Efficiency

By having your furnace receive regular maintenance, you are helping it to operate efficiently. For example, the technician will clean key parts. Dust and dirt prevent your furnace from operating as efficiently as possible.

4. Proper Airflow

The technician will perform a static airflow test when performing a furnace tune-up. This test ensures that there isn’t restricted airflow that makes your furnace work unnecessarily hard. It helps prevent hot and cold spots in your home.

5. Maintain Manufacturer Warranty

Most HVAC manufacturers stipulate that you need to have your furnace regularly tuned-up for their warranty to be valid. You need to keep records of tune-ups so that if something goes wrong, you’ll have whatever coverage the warranty provides.

6. Clean Air

Having your furnace tuned-up results in cleaner air in your home. By cleaning your furnace and replacing the filter, more dust, dander, and dirt is kept out of your property.

Balanced Comfort repairs, replaces, and maintains heating and cooling systems. We also offer attic insulation, design, home energy audits, and Title 24 energy standards services. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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