What is Title 24?

commercial building construction siteAs an architect, general contractor, or developer here in California, you have no doubt run into Title 24 and all the red tape and paperwork frustrations it can cause. But what exactly is California’s Title 24, and how can you avoid the pitfalls of non-compliance with your next construction project?

Balanced Comfort has been navigating the world of Title 24 compliance since 2016, and we specialize in helping contractors with their energy efficiency goals through Title 24 reporting and consulting. Here’s what you need to know about Title 24, and how Balanced Comfort can help streamline the process.

California’s Energy Efficient Future

The Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES) outlines the pathway for a more energy efficient future here in California. The overarching goal of the BEES is to help transition 100% of the energy in California to renewable energy by the year 2045. The standards set in this document have already had a huge impact on increasing California’s energy efficiency. But Title 24 lays out specific standards for nonresidential buildings. These standards affect all heating and cooling equipment, ductwork, electrical systems, lighting and just about anything else that relates to the energy usage related to your finished project.

The current standards for Title 24 are based on the 2016 code standards update, and cover the following systems:

  • Building Envelope
  • Lighting
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Elevators, escalators and moving walkways

Why the 2016 Standard?

These standards are updated every three years, so the 2016 BEES changes are in effect until December 31, 2019.

Planning for Title 24 Compliance

The best way to avoid the headaches that can arise with your Title 24 compliance is to plan for it ahead of time. At Balanced comfort, our team of engineers will calculate the heating load of your building, measure the efficiency of your HVAC equipment and lighting, and provide you with an accurate report within 48 hours. After you have had time to review your report, our engineers can consult you on the best course of action to avoid any issues with potential non-compliance. And if you’re not happy with the results, we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee! So whether you’re about to start your next project, or you’re nearing the end of your current build, the fast turnaround times and friendly, reliable customer service of the Balanced Comfort team of engineers will ensure your project is ready for Title 24 Compliance.

Get a Title 24 report in 48 hours or less — and plan for compliance with ease. Partner with the experienced team at Balanced Comfort when you call 559-234-4131 or contact us.

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