What Goes into Designing Good Fire Protection?

The equipment that protects a home or commercial building from the dangers of fire are designed to alarm occupants of an emergency and suppress flames — but this equipment will only work if it is implemented with a thoughtful design! For architects and contractors who are looking to upgrade the fire safety of their building projects, gaining an in-depth understanding of what goes into the NICET-certified fire protection design from the experienced pros at Balanced Comfort is integral to building safer homes and businesses here in California (as well as Nevada and Arizona). So how does Balanced Comfort design the best in fire protection services?

Experienced Fire Protection Designers

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to better fire protection design. For this reason, Balanced Comfort only employs the best engineers and designers in the area. Our staff of designers have 35 years of experience in the field, lead by a design manager who is NICET Level IV certified. It is this experience we rely on to go above and beyond for our clients and increase the safety of their homes, high rise apartment buildings, shopping malls, parking structures, schools, and more.

Fire Alarm Systems

Of the multiple systems that keep us safe from the threat of fire each and every day, the front line of defense is a well designed fire alarm system. Three out of five home fire deaths could be prevented with proper fire alarms. Good fire alarm design should involve:

  • Early detection technology

  • Regular testing, made easy

  • Reduced risk of false alarms

Fire alarms should also alert local authorities and emergency responders of the presence of fire. The earlier you can get occupants out of the building and call firefighters to the scene, the less risk of injury and structural damage.

Fire Protection Systems

In the event of a fire, after occupants have been warned via fire alarms a fire protection system will suppress fire from spreading and causing any structural damage to the building. Early detection is key, as well as the flawless operation of any fire protection sprinkler systems. When designing the perfect system, your Balanced Comfort engineer will take the layout, construction materials, and location of the building into account.

A fire protection system can detect fire in two ways: smoke and heat. The alarm system will sense either smoke or a dangerous increase in the temperature. After detection, a well-designed protection system will begin to suppress the flames, while keeping a digital snapshot of where the fire began. This gives emergency responders extremely valuable information as soon as they arrive on the scene!

Better Fire Protection Design, with Balanced Comfort

When you partner with Balanced Comfort, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the absolute best in fire protection design, bar none. We go above and beyond just fire code compliance — and we want to go above and beyond your expectations. Protect your next project form the dangers of :

  • Natural fires
  • Man-made fires
  • Wildfires
  • Other incidental fires

Our team of engineers and designers are a head above the rest throughout California, Arizona, and Nevada. Trust your fire protection systems with the design team you can trust at Balanced Comfort.

Safer buildings through smarter design — with the experts at Balanced Comfort. Partner with us for your next project by calling 559-234-4131 or contacting us today.

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