What Fire Protection System Is Right For My Building?

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As a general contractor, architect, or project developer you want your next construction project to be designed for safety. So what does that mean for your fire protection system? Even outside of the dry heat of wildfire season, the threat of a fire breaking out inside of a building is a year round concern. So when it comes to building safer homes and commercial buildings here in California, Arizona and Nevada, what fire protection system is right for your next project?

The Types Of Fire Protection Design

Protecting occupants from the dangers of fire involves detecting the existence of a flame, alarming any occupants to evacuate, and then suppressing any existing fire. At Balanced Comfort, our team of NICET IV certified mechanical engineers and building science experts are well versed and experienced in the most effective, efficient, and compliant fire protection design for residential and commercial construction, including: Fire Detection & Alarm Design, Sprinkler & Fire Suppression Design.

Both early detection and suppression is key, not just for saving lives but for preventing the fire damage from spreading. According to a study done by the National Fire Protection Agency, “Sprinklers were effective in controlling the fire in 96% of the fires in which they operated”. And when It comes to fire alarms and detection, “The risk of dying in reported home structure fires is 54% lower in homes with working smoke alarms than in homes with no alarms or none that worked.” It should go without saying, reliable design of your fire alarms and sprinklers is essential to not just saving your home or building, but saving lives! So when are you required to have a fire alarm system, and when are you required to have a fire sprinkler system?

When You’ll Need Fire Alarm System Design

It should come as no surprise that every home, commercial property, industrial warehouse (or anything else you are building that will have people in it) should include a functioning fire detection and alarm system. For all new residential construction projects, it is required to have one operational fire alarm in every “sleep room”, in any hallways outside of sleep rooms, and one fire alarm on every floor.

At Balanced Comfort, we take fire alarm design one step further than just notifying the occupants of a fire. Using smart technology, the fire alarms we install offer many benefits, such as:

  • Earliest fire detection possible
  • Notification for required maintenance (batteries, sensor replacement/cleaning)
  • Automatic notification of local firefighters in the event of a fire

When You’ll Need Fire Sprinkler System Design

Knowing early on in the design process that you will need to include a fire suppression system like sprinklers in your design is essential to an efficient building process. Here are the questions you will need to ask yourself, to know if a sprinkler system will be required by national fire and safety codes:

  • How many square feet is your project or renovation?
  • How tall will your project be when completed?
  • If your project is residential, how many occupancy units will there be?

If your new commercial construction project will exceed 5,000 square feet, if you are building a residential townhome with more than two occupancy units, if a single tenant expansions that reach the fire area beyond 12,000 square feet, or if your project will exceed a height of 55 feet you will need to invest in fire sprinkler system design from a certified mechanical engineer that specialized in fire protection design.

Build Safer, with Balanced Comfort

The full service mechanical engineering team at Balanced Comfort isn’t just well versed in designing the absolute best in fire protection design — our team is dedicated to safer and efficient building throughout all of California, Nevada and Arizona. We understand what it takes to design homes and commercial properties that will last longer, cost less to operate, and will keep its occupants as safe as possible. Submit your plans today, and we will get back to you the same day with a quote for your custom fire alarm and protection design!

Are you in need of fire alarm & sprinkler design? Keep your building as safe as possible with Balanced Comfort — submit your plans today. Give us a call at 559-234-4131 or contact us.

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