Things to Consider About Portable AC Units

Portable air conditioner units are becoming more popular, especially in apartments. Still, when most people only talk about the standard window air units or modern central air, you might wonder if a portable AC is any good. The truth is, a portable AC unit is perfect when you’re looking for an affordable option or when you only need to keep rooms in your home cool as you move between them.


Benefits of Portable AC Units

Portable AC Units are convenient because they allow you to move the appliance between rooms to cool as needed. You can also position the unit anywhere in the room rather than have the unit confined to the window. This is especially useful when you need to cool a windowless room, and your home doesn’t have central air.

A Portable AC unit still needs to be vented, however. While a window is the traditional and easiest way to vent a portable AC, there are other ways, including through the wall, into the ceiling, through a dryer vent, or through sliding doors and windows.

Portable AC Units are also great for money savings as they can cut your electricity bill drastically. When you use a portable AC unit, you don’t need to run central air to cool your home continuously. Some homeowners even use the portable AC in conjunction with their central AC by keeping the central AC on a higher setting and using the portable AC to cool the most used room in the house.

Portable AC units also require very little maintenance if you purchase the kind with a full-self evaporative design. Other units have a collection basin that needs to be emptied as it fills with water because the portable Air conditioning doesn’t just cool, it removes moisture from the air to dehumidify.

Some portable units also connect to Wi-Fi to be controlled remotely through mobile apps. Some of the best modern manufacturers of portable AC units include Kenmore, LG, and Frigidaire.


Disadvantages of Portable AC Units

While portable AC units are mobile and easier to install than a central air conditioner or window air, they can be challenging to move from room to room quickly and come sometimes be very heavy—up to 70 pounds! While many of these units feature wheels for easy transport, not all do, and they still may be cumbersome for some users. Portable ACs are also the noisiest option for air conditioning and can be as loud as a vacuum or dishwasher while running.

Whether a portable AC unit is right for your home is contingent on many factors, including what your needs are for cooling your home. If you live in a small studio apartment, a portable AC may be a great option when you don’t want a window unit or have central air.

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