The HVAC Load Calculation Formula Explained

HVAC Load Calculation Formula ExplainedThe design of a home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system is directly related to that home’s energy efficiency. The better the design of the HVAC system, the less energy you will use and the lower your monthly bills will be. On the flip side, the poorer the design of your HVAC system, the higher your energy usage and bills will escalate.

To figure out the correct HVAC system for your home, a complicated load calculation formula is used by professionals. This formula takes into consideration variables such as the size of the house (including the square footage of the walls, windows and doors), the climate, the direction the house faces, and many more such details. To get an accurate heat load calculation on your home you will need to hire a professional to get all of the relevant details and then make the calculations, but in this blog, we will be able to explain the basic idea operating in these calculations.

In general, an HVAC system can be thought of in terms of a heating load calculation or a cooling load calculation, but the overall principle inherent in each calculation is the same. In cooler climates, a load calculation is used which attempts to estimate the heat that will be lost from a home – depending on the time of year, and the time of day – and based on this estimate it will estimate the required heating capacity needed for that home. Likewise, in hotter climates, a load calculation is used which attempts to estimate the amount of cool air that will be lost from a home – again taking into account the time of year and time of day – and from this, an estimate will be made concerning the required cooling capacity the home needs.

Thought of in terms of a formula, a load calculation in cooler climates strives to find the balance point at which the heat loss from a house will be equal to the heat gained from both internal and external sources – which will thereby maintain a constant temperature in the house, throughout the day and year. Likewise, a load calculation in hotter climates attempts to find the balance at which cool air lost is balanced by cool air gained from external and internal sources, thereby maintaining a consistent temperature.

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