TS1810 – 7 Power Outlet Strip AV Advanced PowerStrip+


The AV Advanced PowerStrip+ is an energy saving device that automatically turns off your home entertainment devices when not in use, through advanced power measurement and auto-threshold detection technology. It helps to reduce power loss and save energy costs.

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The TS1810 AV Advanced PowerStrip+ (AV APS+) is a power strip designed for home entertainment setups. It helps reduce active and standby power loss by automatically turning off your TV and related electronics when they’re not in use. It uses advanced power measurement and patented auto-threshold detection technology to be compatible with all types of TVs. It also features a multi-sensor that detects infrared (IR) remote control activity and motion to determine if the TV is being used. Suppose no activity or movement is seen during a countdown period. In that case, the AV APS+ will turn off the TV and any electronics plugged into the switched outlets, helping you save energy and money on your electricity bills.

  • 7 outlets:
    •  2 always-on (1 transformer-spaced)
    • 5 switched (1 transformer-spaced)
  • Resettable circuit breaker
  • 1,080 Joules of surge protection at 500 VPR
  • Consumes <1W at all times
  • Power switching electromechanical relays rated for 100,000 switching cycles at a full 15 amp load
  • Software and hardware filtering technology filters out IR interference from non-AV equipment
  • Optically-isolated RJ11 input
  • LED status indicators (ground, surge, switched)
  • <40 dB noise filtering
  • 4 ft. heavy-duty cord with space-saving, angled plug
  • Supports high-level Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) commands via optional TAV-Link™ cable (sold separately), allowing connected devices to safely store their data and settings before powering down)