Comparing LED’s and CFL’s – What You Need to Know

If you’ve still got the old incandescent style of bulbs, consider switching them out for LED’s or CFL’s.  Did you know that incandescent bulbs are better for creating heat than they are for creating light?  That’s right, the average incandescent bulb only uses 10% of its energy for light while the other 90% is turned into heat!

LED’s or Light Emitting Diodes are the latest in lighting technology to hit the market.  They use the least amount of energy compared to any other light bulb that is available.  Besides using less energy, LED’s also last much longer, some bulbs last 20 – 30 years.  LED’s also turn on instantly and do not flicker like some fluorescents do.    At one time they were very expensive but they become more affordable every day.

CFL’s or Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs are the curly type bulbs that have been a common replacement for the incandescent bulbs.  CFL’s typlically use 75% less than an incandescent bulb and can last longer when installed and used properly.  Because of the way a Fluorescent bulb or CFL works, they are designed to be left on for longer periods of time and may flicker, causing headaches and/or eye strain.  Most CFL’s also contain mercury so if a CFL is broken inside the home, special care must be taken when cleaning up the mess.  DO NOT vacuum up the remains of a broken CFL that will cause the mercury to become airborn and spread throughout the home.  CFL’s also need to be recycled and most Big Box stores (Best Buy, Home Depot

Check out the EPA’s website on cleaning up broken CFL’s

For more information on lighting visit the lighting section of the Energy Star website at,

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