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insulation removal in fresno

Why Remove Attic Insulation?

Proper attic insulation can save you a good amount of cost on your energy bills year round. However, old insulation may no longer be doing its job properly, may be letting heat escape thereby driving your energy costs up and may be causing a host of other potentially serious problems.

There are a few telltale signs which signal that it may be time to remove your old attic insulation:

  • Your old attic insulation is no longer airtight, and longer airtight, and is letting heat¬†through in spots
  • Spike in energy¬†bills
  • The temperature in the house is constantly changing
  • You are experiencing drafts inside your house

If, however, you are willing to get your feet dirty and do a little more investigating, you can head up into your attic to check for other signs that it is time to remove the old insulation. One common problem of old insulation is that it has become a home to critters such as rats and squirrels. If you see these rodents, or see their droppings scattered around, you know it is time to get rid of that insulation. It is not recommended that you simply exterminate the rodents and keep the insulation, since not only will their feces be contaminating the insulation, but oftentimes their babies will be left hidden in it. Finally, while looking around, if you see that your insulation is wet, or only even damp, it is recommended that you remove this insulation. For not only does water-damaged insulation lose its effectiveness, but, worse, it is prone to grow mold which is very unhealthy to breathe.

Finally, we end with a quick word of warning. It may be tempting for homeowners to think that, if their attic insulation has become damaged for any of the above reasons, that they can simply place new insulation on the top of the old, or maybe just remove some of the old insulation and install new insulation only partially. However, while these methods will save you some cash up front, it is normally thought that they will ultimately cost you more, and may even be dangerous to your health, for the reasons mentioned above. When the time comes, your best bet is to completely gut out the old insulation.

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