How Much Is My Title 24 Calculation Going to Cost?

Putting the final stamp on a build and handing over the keys can be the culmination of years of work. From the architect planning stage; designing the mechanical, electrical and plumbing; to coordinating with a general contractor and permits, each project presents its own unique challenges and opportunities for growth — and if we’re being honest, profit! But when it comes to Title 24 compliance reports for architects and contractors here throughout California, a failed or overpriced Title 24 report can pose a direct threat to your deadlines, bottom line, and client’s overall satisfaction.

But the burning question for most builders here in California is “How much will Title 24 cost?”

The “Balanced” Approach to Title 24 Reports

First off, we should cover the basics of Title 24 calculations, and how the engineering team at Balanced Comfort approaches California compliance. Balanced Comfort offers Title 24 calculations and reports for residential and non-residential additions, alterations and new-construction, envelope, mechanical, and lighting performance modeling, as well as building heat load calculations.

Because you will need a Title 24 report to begin the permitting phase of your next build, time is usually of the essence. Here is what you will need in order to make your Title 24 calculation process as smooth as possible:

  • Owner or designer’s contact information: name, address & phone number
  • Site plan showing North orientation
  • Total conditioned floor area (new or existing/addition)
  • Square footage breakdown (for multi-floor projects)
  • Sectionals with ceiling heights, roof structure & foundation
  • All new or existing window & door sizes
  • New or existing roof plan, including skylights
  • HVAC & DHW specs
  • All insulation-types for roof, walls & floors

If you are submitting plans for a non-residential project, we will also need:

  • All room occupancies
  • All new or existing luminaries for lighting compliance
  • Lighting schedule, including reflected ceiling plan, fixture type & wattage output

Once the proper documentation has been submitted to the Title 24 team at Balanced Comfort, we will provide you with a same day quote for your calculation. Once you have accepted the quote, we promise a 48 hour or less turnaround time for delivering your calculations.

Balance Comfort Title 24 Pricing

When it gets down to specific pricing for your commercial project, a custom bid is the guaranteed way to get the most accurate price. But if you are looking to “ballpark” what your project might cost, it will depend on three factors:

  • What type of report will you need — mechanical, lighting, or envelope?
  • How many floors are included?
  • How many zones will require software modeling?

Contact us if you have questions about Title 24. We also employ a full engineering and design staff that covers everything from residential services and commercial energy to fire protection design and even the nitty-gritty world of attic insulation. We understand what it means to build better homes and businesses here in California, inside and out.


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