Hiring a mechanical design engineer? Look for these 4 things…

What Makes a Good Mechanical HVAC Design Engineer?

Mechanical HVAC design engineers are professionals who specialize in creating, modifying and updating heating and cooling systems within both commercial and residential buildings. These engineers are heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialists – hence the title ‘HVAC’. In general, these engineers oversee the creation of heating and cooling systems within buildings to make sure they will operate safely and efficiently, and they also test and update pre-installed heating and cooling systems to make sure that these also run efficiently and safely. Now, whether you plan on becoming a mechanical HVAC design engineer yourself, or you are looking to hire one for your next project, you are going to want to know what qualities any great design engineer will have. We provide here a quick summary of four important features which make any mechanical HVAC design engineer stand out among their peers.

The first thing that is required of an HVAC design engineer is an undergraduate university degree in mechanical engineering or a related field that specializes in indoor and outdoor HVAC design and technology. To be able to properly oversee the creation and upkeep of heating and cooling systems, the engineer must have a deep comprehension of certain advanced maths, sciences and technological programs. University degree programs in mechanical engineering are sure to provide the engineer with the proper degree of knowledge here, where an understanding of electronic and computer design programs, as well as the hard sciences of calculus and physics, will be required.

The next feature you will want to look for in your design engineer is the completion of any other certificate programs or graduate work. After obtaining a university degree, many engineers build their portfolio and hone their skills by acquiring specialized certificates in HVAC design. More particularly, any HVAC design engineer who works directly with the public is going to require a Professional Engineering license, which is granted by completing work in the field and passing a variety of exams which the state issues. These licenses will vary state by state.

The third feature you are going to want to look for in an HVAC design engineer will be experienced in the field. While someone with a fresh undergraduate degree and a graduate certificate may be up to date with the latest theoretical knowledge, they may nevertheless lack the skill of being able to apply that knowledge practically and efficiently on the job. This is a skill that can only be developed through hands-on experience. It is oftentimes a good idea to check previous work the engineer has done in the past or to find your design engineer by way of a recommendation from a satisfied client.

Finally, the last feature important for any successful HVAC design engineer will be great communication and teamwork skills. These design engineers will be involved in just about every step of the project, and being the overseer of the project at large, they will often work closely with other teams and departments. They will be dealing with customer relations teams, sales departments, design teams and installation teams, to name a few, and being able to effectively communicate and work with others will thus be essential.

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