HERS Ratings – Certificates – HERS II Whole House Ratings


As a HERS Rater certified by CalCerts, Balanced Comfort can provide you with the Residential and Non-Residential certificates you need to show the building inspector.  Our reliable and courteous professionals are happy to assist you with courteous same day service and onsite certification printing.

HERS Verifications include: Duct Testing, Refrigerant Charge Verification, Airflow Measurement, Fan Watt Draw, NSHP Solar Verification, and Quality Insulation Inspection. Balanced Comfort is certified to complete forms CF-4R for building permits.

Residential HERS Test Pricing:

Residential HERS Test Pricing

CalCerts HERS II Whole House Ratings


HERS II Ratings offer homeowners a comprehensive look at how their homes use energy and utilize computer software to model energy use based on data collected in your home.

HERS II Ratings also give the home a HERS Index Score that rates your home versus homes built to the current California code standards.

HERS II ratings focus on all systems in the home and how they work together. Information collected in the home is then modeled in computer software.

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Thermal Camera Inspections

Most think that windows and solar heat are the problem with high energy bills and comfort issues – this is typically not the case!

Although these are great additions to your home, you can still improve health, comfort and home energy efficiency from the results of a home energy audit.

Thermal camera inspections, such as the image on the right, help us identify areas where you may be missing insulation or where air is leaking in and out of your home.

This allows you to seal any openings and provide insulation where you need it the most – at the source!