Do I Need to Hire a Licensed AC Contractor in Fresno, CA?


HVAC contractors in Fresno CA need to have a C-20 License to do work on a heating and cooling system legally, so any legitimate company you hire should have their licensing paperwork. One of the top reasons to hire a licensed air conditioner contractor is because having a license means they met the minimum requirements, including hands-on hours and passing an exam. Most licensed AC contractors have been through schooling for the HVAC trade and spent several years getting hands-on experience.

The proper license to work on HVAC systems, as well as business licenses, are very important to check when hiring an AC contractor. However, there are a few other things you need to ask a contractor before making a hiring commitment.

Bonded and Insured: In addition to needing a licensed AC contractor in Fresno, CA, you’ll want one that is bonded and insured. Insurance and bonding levels may also affect their eligibility to keep their license. Companies that are insured protect both you and your property, as well as the HVAC company if one of the technicians is hurt on the property, there is property accidentally damaged, or other incidents happen.

References and Reviews: Not only should a licensed AC Contractor in Fresno, Ca, be able to provide you with references, but they should also have plenty of reviews online. Make sure to check out their social media pages, website, Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google for reviews. The Better Business Bureau might also have information on the air conditioner contractor you are interested in.

Brands Offered: A lot of HVAC companies in Fresno only keep a small selection of options for AC units in stock, although most of them can order the one you want. If you need an AC unit immediately and have a specific brand in mind, make sure to call around and see what’s in the warehouse at the vendors near you.

Extras Offered: The best AC contractor in Fresno, CA, will offer service contracts to keep up the maintenance on your new central air as well as warranties on their parts and labor. You might also qualify for tax credits or rebates depending on the type of unit you are installing, including energy-efficient central air and furnaces. Some HVAC companies might even offer payment schedules where you can put down a deposit and finance the rest of the project through the company.

Licensing, bonded and insured, references, reviews, brands, and extras offered are all essential information to nail down about each HVAC contractor you are considering to install or repair your central air. If you’re ready to stop looking and hire an AC contractor in Fresno, CA that meets all the criteria, give us a call today!

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