Taking precautions to keep you safe during COVID-19

As an essential service, Balanced Comfort is committed to serving the Central Valley. As a result, our staff are taking extra safety precautions including:

  • Wearing masks and applying hand sanitizer regularly
  • Frequently washing hands
  • Sanitizing our vehicles and tools after each appointment
  • Exercising safe social distancing

If you have questions about our procedures, please contact us at info@balancedcomfort.com.

It is our first priority to make sure we take these precautions. Firstly, we will make sure we have all appropriate tools, equipment, and sanitary products on arrival at clients' homes. Secondly, keeping a proper distance is the utmost importance of the pandemic. Finally, once our job is finished we make sure we leave the place sanitized and safe for you.

Overview of Covid-19

COVID-19 is an infectious disease.

The majority of those infected with the virus will have breathing problems and will recover without the need for medical help. Some, on the other hand, will require medical assistance. As a result, serious sickness is more likely to affect the elderly and those with underlying medical disorders such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, or cancer. More importantly, it may make anyone sick and cause them to get very ill or die at any age. Therefore, Balanced Comfort will take strict policies to ensure both employees and clients are safe.


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