What is California Title 24 2016?

In California, we have a building code which has a total of 11 different sections.  These sections range in topics from mechanical codes to green building codes.  Section 6 of the California building code covers the energy efficiency requirements for construction.  Section 6 of the California Title 24 building code was established in 1978 to cover the energy efficiency of residential and non-residential buildings.  These codes were put in place to curb energy consumption and have been very successful.California Title 24

California Title 24 has an established goal of reducing the number of power plans needed in California by reducing energy consumption from buildings.  The success of California Title 24 energy efficiency codes is demonstrated by the flat per capita energy consumption as compared to the rest of the United States.

California Title 24 Energy Code by year

California’s energy codes change approximately every three years.  That is why the 2016 code is now in effect even though it did not take effect until 2017.  The previous code was the 2013 code and 2008 code even earlier.  With each Title 24 energy code update (next is the 2019 energy code) the codes become more strict and more challenging to meet for new construction, alterations and additions in residential and non-residential buildings.

Compliance with Title 24 2016 codes is now mandatory for all new construction, alteration and addition projects.  The requirements for 2016 energy codes are more strict for lighting, heating and other energy consumption than the 2013 energy codes and our team of energy consultants is prepared to help with your next project.  We have engineers on staff to look at your building plans and make recommendations to ensure that your residential or non-residential building passes code.

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California has a detailed website regarding Title 24 legislation and rulemaking, http://www.energy.ca.gov/title24/