4 Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades This Fall

upgrades for your home

Making eco-friendly upgrades for your home this Fall is essential to keep your seasonal energy bills under control. But becoming more energy efficient doesn’t stop there. It teaches the next generation of children the importance of putting our environment first.

With the cool weather sweeping in, this creates the perfect opportunity to make some changes around the house. What can you do to take advantage of the seasonal shifts? How can you make your home more energy-efficient?

Take a look at our recommended upgrades for you to make around your home this Fall. These are Fall upgrades the entire family would approve of.

Upgrades for your home this Fall

1) Blown-In Attic Insulation

Did you know blown-in attic insulation can instantaneously get you savings on your energy bill? It’s true. According to the Department of Energy, homeowners have reported a savings upwards of 50% on their monthly energy bill. Adding blown-in attic insulation to your home’s roof is single-handedly one of the best things you can do to decrease your annual energy consumption.

2) Organic Pest Control

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find a house full of bugs. As the cooler weather starts taking over this Fall, bugs and other pests start looking for a warm place to call home. Before this happens, consider hiring an organic pest control professional.

As a great alternative to harmful chemicals, organic pest control uses biological pest control techniques to remove roaches, ants, and other insects from your home. It’s not just an effective method of pest control, but it’s much safer for your family, pets, and you.

Once you have your house sprayed with an organic pest control solution, consider getting a small garden. You’ll enjoy more than the benefits of having fresh vegetables. The children will enjoy spending time watching praying mantis and ladybugs eating the more harmful insects, too.

3) Install double-pane windows

Upgrading and installing double-pane windows can do more than just increase your home’s value. Believe it or not, double-pane windows can decrease your energy bill from month-to-month and also cut down on harmful UV rays. In a nutshell, it’ll help stop the fading of costly pieces of furniture such as couches or tables.

Not only this, but it’ll also help protect harder surfaces such as wood floors and just about anything else that gets direct sunlight from outside. The benefits of double-pane windows can’t get more transparent than that!

4) Replace your appliances

Over time, appliances in your home can go through a lot of wear and tear. This can result in the degradation of a quality clean for dishes, clothing and other common household items. Not only this, but as hard water elements start building up, your older appliances will require more energy to operate. If you’re not sure where you’re appliance are in their lifespan, you may want to consider scheduling a whole home energy assessment of your house.

With a whole home energy assessment, a specialist will examine your house and make suggestions of what you can do to optimize your energy savings. Once completed and you’ve upgraded appliances, homeowners could experience upwards of hundreds of dollars in savings per year. That some huge savings that can become very useful, particularly in the Fall when family and friends are visiting.

What are four eco-friendly upgrades that you’ll be making around your home this Fall to get the most out of your energy savings?

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